Mamoun Hassan in front of a picture of Satyajit Ray

Mamoun during the filming of the second series of Movie Masterclass

Mamoun Hassan’s Movie Masterclass is a uniquely engaging way of teaching the art and craft of film-making. It is suitable for experienced film-makers and students alike but is equally accessible to the man or woman in the street.

Mamoun’s approach to the Movie Masterclass has evolved from practical analysis of the whole film-making craft.

The technique was established with other film-makers for the Movie Masterclass series made for Channel 4 in 1988. Following critical acclaim,  a second series was commissioned in 1990.

He and fellow filmmakers — Lindsay Anderson, Jack Gold, Terry Davies and Bill Forsyth led detailed discussions on aspects of a chosen film with a group of students from the National Film and Television School. The film was then broadcast. Shown at peak time, Movie Masterclass transformed television’s treatment and appreciation of cinema.

Mamoun has continued using his uniquely engaging Masterclass approach for over thirty years all over the world  on a wide variety of some of the greatest films ever made

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Movie Masterclass — Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai
Made for Channel 4 by Third Eye, originally broadcast on Channel 4
Copyright©Channel Four Television 1988

Short excerpt from a Masterclass on Bill Douglas‘s My Childhood, filmed in 2010
at the National Film Theatre, London.
Copyright©High Ridge Pictures Ltd 2010